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Academıc Excellence

We establish team and individual goals that complement our vision, ensuring that our work drives achievement. Goals are not just aligned, but also well stated, so everyone understands precisely what has to be done and how to get there.

Our value this term: Growth

While we want to equip our students with the desired academic qualifications, the journey may not always be an easy one.

Level Assessment Test:

In order to ascertain the level of the student, a level assessment test is carried out so that we can place the student…


We thrive on knowing that our communication between the IWE and its parents and students are impeccable. 

Core Academic & Knowledge

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College Advisory

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Curriculum & Pedagogy

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We Love Teaching And Believe “Every Child Should Achieve Their Greatest Potential”

Supplementary education is crucial in bridging the gap between your child’s current academic level and their desired qualification. Over the years, our approach and teaching methodology has proven to help a global community of students reach their full potential by offering: 

We are working in partnership with the International Well-Rounded School which is a Cambridge International School authorised by CAIE.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience what it is like to be in the  UK. While further developing their subject knowledge in both English and Maths students will enjoy the opportunity to reside in the spectacular setting of St Edmund’s School. The students will have their summer camp in a British independent school which is equipped with facilities to make it a memorable experience.

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IWE's students:
  • become acquainted with other students from all around the world, including those from other nations.
  • develop  their leadership skills
  • build self-assurance in social circumstances
  • broaden their horizons by taking up new interests and learning new things.
  • express themselves creatively and exchange their work with their classmates.
  • have the opportunity to join international competitions
  • enjoy learning!


How Do We Teach ?

Our online courses bring the best of education to our students who want to continue with their learning at the comfort of their own home.  Students are expected to follow a weekly timetable, completete assessments and homework within set deadlines as they would normally do in their typical mainstream school. 

At IW Academy we have designed our online learning programmes to ensure that every student is fully engaged in their learning and that our teachers are able to bring out the utmost best in every student.

A Live Lesson is a virtual classroom where a teacher meets with the assigned students ofthat class which have been set up according to their level. These groups are kept small so that the teacher can deliver the lessons targeting the particular needs of the students.  

Students use a variety of methods to communicate with the teacher and with one another over the course of the class. Audio, text, whiteboard notes, recordings and presentations are just a handful of the tools that may be used to communicate. There are several ways in which students might be invited to participate in the classroom. By allowing students to privately communicate with their teacher, it ensures that no question goes unanswered.

Gain Valuable Knowledge & Experience

Career Guidance

University and career planning services of the highest calibre for international students.

Empowering  pupils. Developing an accurate plan..  Finding your true potential.

Choosing the right career or the right university are two of the difficult choices that many people need to make in their lives. We have partnered with IWE and BridgeU, a career guidance software, to guide students starting from year 7 to help them make informed decisions in regards to these difficult choices. . provides students a thorough career guidance starting from grade 7. Students will discover their strengths, weaknesses and interests both academically and personally  by completing our  enhanced personality and career tests.

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