AS/A- Level Englısh Lıterature

A-Level English Literature is aimed towards students who are passionate about studying and critically analysing literary texts.

Examining texts and delving into their meanings and motives is a key component of  A-Level English Literature. Our supplementary course equips students with the skills to identify the author’s intentions alongside the setting in which the text was created.Using a variety of reading tactics and approaches, students are guided to observe the literature and to identify literary devices in texts.

Students will study the works of Shakespeare, World War l and post-World War l literature

What do students learn?

In our English Literature supplementary classes, students read, analyse, and reflect on the meaning of texts and as a result this encourages a love of reading and creative thinking. As they defend their reasons for an interpretation, students develop transferable skills like investigation and analyse.

Learning objectives include:

  • Studying from the classics of English Literature to the twentieth century  texts in order to understand how English literature changed through time.
  • Having a thorough discussion of the author’s, poets’, and playwrights’ distinct writing styles and the impact they had on readers
  • Recognising how each era’s literary works were influenced by social and cultural conventions
  • Critical thinking and analysing abilities are being developed.
  • Allowing students to establish their own ideas on the materials they read encourages self-expression and individualised thinking.
  • Asking critical inquiries about various parts of literary works to improve communication abilities.

Students will learn to express themselves effectively as well as enhance their literary knowledge on completion of the course. Students will learn lifelong skills that they can transfer to multiple disciplines.

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Course Materials

Our A-Level courses include digital study packs to guarantee that every student has access to the materials covered in class. During the live lessons, our qualified teachers utilise interactive whiteboards and share screens. They utilise it to elucidate various parts of the literary language and study-specific portions.

Additional resources include:

  • A student guide handbook
  • A detailed summary of the English Literature curriculum
  • Access to recorded English language classes is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Past papers and mark schemes are available as supplementary study aids for board examinations.

Our customised online education system is a platform where students can ask questions directly to teachers. Students who want more assistance may communicate with teachers via private chat rooms and email. They may utilise these resources in order to ease communication when raising questions on subject areas they want further clarification on. 

Our Teaching Approach

  • All of our lessons are delivered live and on schedule by professional teachers using our learning management system.
  • Our 90-minute sessions are taught by a subject-qualified educator once a week.
  • Live classes are hosted by our learning management system.
  • The lessons are all conducted in small groups.
  • All course materials and recorded lessons are available seven days a week, at any time.
  • Student participation is encouraged during our lessons therefore our students find learning to be both interesting and engaging.
  • Students are given assignments to help them consolidate their knowledge.
  • The academic growth of students are evaluated on a regular basis using a number of ways.
  • Progress reports are available on the student site after each class, parents may see all progress and attendance data via their own portal.
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded.


This course does not need any prerequisites 

Students will need the following to engage in our online A Level English Literature lessons:

  • a device to connect to our lessons 
  • internet connection
  • web camera.

The cost of the course materials is included in the registration fee.

Course Duration: 32 weeks 

Course Period: September-May

Course Fees: £ 1000

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