Who are we?

We are International Well-rounded Education (IWE) Academy that seeks to prepare our students as a person cultivated with the 21st century skills, including the academic and non-academic aspects, to be well-equipped for a successful balanced life. We teach students for life not just for a test. We achieve this through encouraging each child to branch out and push their limits rather than concentrating on one subject or skill set. Our teaching methods inspire our students to reflect upon their character, to play a full part in our courses,activities, summer and winter camps and to participate in some of the many social events and workshops. We provide a balance of encouragement and motivation to perform at the highest level and caring support for each individual. We seek to ensure that students will do better academically at WE than they would elsewhere. We achieve this through small classes, an inspirational environment, personalised courses and curriculum, passionate and dedicated instructors, coaching orientated teaching methods and one-to-one tailored teaching. Through unique collaborations and partnerships ,being active in communicating with parents and providing regular feedback, we are able to offer our students a well-rounded education.

Our mindset

  • Flaws and imperfections are a part of human nature, the best way to overcome is to take in to consideration and acknowledge.
  • See challenges as opportunities, the most unexpected successes come through tackling your challenges.
  • What makes learning efficient is being unique and the variety of teaching styles we offer.
  • Giving up does not take part in our pathway to success. Every mistake is a new experience.
  • We do not wait for confirmation.
  • Purposeful learning is encouraged.
  • We believe patience is the key.
  • Hard work over talent.
  • We embrace criticism and make use of it.
  • Every goal you set should follow another one
  • We try to develop a risk taking personality
  • We acknowledge the fact that time and effort are key to learn
  • We take ownership over our attitude.