Career Counselling

What is Career Counselling?

Through professional counselling we contribute to the planning of the direction of the students’ and of the graduates’ careers by mainly focusing on:

  • Identifying the professional interests and the abilities through specific screenings
  • Assistance in the creation of the instruments used to search for a job, university application: a CV, a reference letter
  • Training for selection interviews for university applications
  • Support in taking decisions regarding the career and in creating a personalized plan
  • The identification of opportunities to develop the abilities and competencies necessary in interested areas

A 1 hour one-on-one session is held with one of our career experts to define your career priorities, discuss psychological hurdles and think through practical next steps to transform your working life.

Finding a college that matches your talents and interests is one of the central tasks of any life, but it can be extremely hard to find the space, energy and focus to zero in on our true aspirations.

Therefore, there may be literally nothing more valuable to invest in than some sessions of Career Counselling. In the hands of a good counsellor, our personalities are properly scanned and analysed, blocks are investigated and a way forward is sketched.

This session is suitable for people at any stage of their career, and each session is tailored to an individual's specific needs.


The price of career counselling sessions is between 300 RON/hour

Those that need assistance for writing a reference letter or getting general career advice can go for one or two sessions, however, if someone needs a career change that it is advisable to go on 4-8 career counselling sessions.

Booking Information

Once you have purchased a session, we will get in touch to arrange a date and time for your session.

Career Counselling sessions only take place after 5pm from Monday to Friday or ant time on weekends. The session will take place at We Center str. Piata Victoriei nr.59, etaj 6, interfon 82. Please note that we currently cannot offer these sessions online.

Please note that once your appointment time and date have been confirmed, we have a forty-eight hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to an exam appointment, or any no-shows will be charged.