IGCSE Mathematıcs

Instilling a love of inquisitive thinking and mathematical proficiency as a life skill.

Students who enroll on our supplementary course for IGCSE Maths will be able to familiarise themselves with the maths curriculum in detail and be able to solidify their maths skills while having the opportunity to work on  areas they need to develop.IWE creates fun and challenging lessons for students who are enrolled on IGCSE Maths. During this programme learners can work on a variety of topics, take interactive quizzes, and improve their math skills in order to arrive at sensible conclusions. This course is for students who want to  achieve their desired grade t for IGCSE Maths. 

What Do Students Learn? 

IGCSE Maths is an important qualification for all students since it promotes the development of mathematical knowledge as a valuable life skill and a solid foundation for further study. The curriculum strives to instill confidence in students by assisting them in developing competency and fluency in mathematical concepts, methods, and skills, as well as a sense of numbers, patterns, and relationships. The course also emphasises problem solving, as well as presenting and evaluating outcomes. Learners also get an awareness of how to use mathematical concepts to communicate and reason.

Some of the key concepts of the course include:

  • Concepts in mathematics (i.e. patterns, sequences, algebra, trigonometry, probability and statistics, geometry, graphs, vectors and other key techniques)
  • Applied mathematics is used to blend problem solving with analytical learning.
  • Advanced mathematics and other STEM-related areas require transferable mathematical skills.
  • By the end of the course, our students have a firm grasp on mathematical principles. In the real world, they can use the skills they’ve learned to think quantitatively and critically analyse challenges.

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Course Materials

Our IGCSE maths teachers provide pupils with instructional resources to support their intellectual learning and analytical thinking abilities.

These are some of them:

  • An easy-to-understand learner’s guide
  • A full summary of the programme
  • Recordings of online mathematics lessons are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for reinforcement.
  • Materials for summative and formative assessments

Our educators also ensure that  students receive individual attention to clarify misconceptions and solve difficult problems. To promote pupils’ self-esteem, we also register them in international math competitions.

Our Teaching Approach

  • All of our classes are given live by expert teachers using our learning management system.
  • A subject-qualified teacher delivers a 90-minute session once a week.
  • Live classes are hosted on our learning management system.
  • The classes are all taught in small groups.
  • You can access all course materials and recorded classes whenever you want. 
  • Our interactive lessons make them both fascinating and engaging for our students.
  • Students are given assignments to help them consolidate their knowledge.
  • The academic development of students is evaluated on a regular basis using a variety of approaches.
  • Progress reports are available on the student site after each lesson, parents can access all progress and attendance data through their own portal.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued to students who successfully complete the course.


This course does not have any special requirements. Students will need the following to participate in our online IGCSE Maths  lessons:

  • A device to connect to our lessons 
  • Internet connection
  • Web camera and a microphone.

The registration price covers the cost of the course materials.

Course Duration: 32 weeks 

Course Period: September-May

Course Fees: £ 675

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