Group Tuition

Our small group tuition setting is conducted in small groups of 3 up to 6 students to ensure your child is able to enjoy the benefits of peer interaction and receives adequate and individual attention.

We plan the lessons weekly to meet the needs of each student within the group and assess the students’ learning after every 8 weeks and give frequent feedback to parents of each student. Our goal is to ensure our students become confident and independent learners. We aim to cultivate a passion for learning and train our students to develop a good work ethic that will be rewarding in all areas of life.


We offer a Small Group Tuition service 100 RON per hour

One-to-One Tuition

Our one-to-one courses offer a personalised lesson planning and materials based on student’s needs. Following a consultation and assessment, we suggest the best type of the course and tutor that best suit your child. We always provide feedback at the end of each session that motivates the student to maintain the highest level of commitment to his/her learning.

Evidence indicates that one to one tuition can be effective, and on average accelerating learning by approximately three – five additional months’ progress. So what are you waiting for, secure your child’s pathway to success by booking a free trial session at our IWE centre today.

Our tuition consists of either a one or two hour session tailored to the targets established from the assessment.


The fee for an hour one-to one tuition is 200 RON including all materials and assessments.